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Terms of Affiliation

Terms and Conditions

1. Definition of the parts

This agreement describes the terms and conditions of use of the Affiliate program concluded between LYS cosmetics, hereinafter referred to as "LYS Cosmetics", and the subscriber of this Agreement, hereinafter Named "affiliate ". The LYS Cosmetics affiliate Program is a commercial collaboration agreement through which Lys cosmetics recognizes affiliates with a commission on the sales of hosting services of the site under the conditions set out below . To join the LYS Cosmetics affiliate Program It is necessary to accept explicitly all the terms of this agreement.

2. Membership modality

To join the LYS Cosmetics affiliate program, you must fill in the appropriate registration form at the Internet address. The agreement is stipulated free of charge and each party may terminate at any time and without notice, by written notice, to be sent by fax or e-mail. To enroll you must be of age. LYS Cosmetics reserves the right to evaluate any application for membership and not to accept it at its sole discretion. In particular, requests relating to:

-Sites with pornographic content-sites that violate copyrights-sites with racist content-sites that incite violence are not accepted
-sites that promote illegal activities-sites that violate the moral, religious and intellectual freedom of each individual.

3. Obligations of the Affiliate

The affiliate cannot modify the code of the links or banners picked up within the control Panel. The Affiliate has no right or title on the trademarks owned by LYS Cosmetics.

4. Obligations of LYS Cosmetics

LYS Cosmetics shall undertake to:
-Provide the Affiliate with any type of information about the services it promotes and the operation of the Affiliate program;

-Provide the Affiliate with a control panel to view orders, commissions and statistics;

-Keep the Affiliate's control panel up to date with any commissions due and orders escaped;

-to acknowledge to the Affiliate the Commissions on the orders dispatched, calculated according to the agreed terms;
-Provide the navigator from the affiliate link with any type of information and support on the services on sale on the site

5. Operating modes

To participate in the Affiliate program, you must make use of the affiliate link, which the affiliate can withdraw in the Affiliate Control Panel. The choice of the marketing tool to use is at the sole discretion of the affiliate.

6. Rules for the recognition of the commissions

LYS cosmetics recognizes to the affiliate a commission which can vary from 3% to 15% (on the total of the sum spent by the user addressed on the site), according to the agreements taken, on each sale made through the Own affiliate link, of any product.
The fees will be calculated on the orders processed during the period of validity of this agreement. Orders processed are those orders duly paid by the customer and not cancelled within 15 days of payment of the service.
The LYS Cosmetics affiliate program is based on the system of cookies lasting 60 days.
In order to be entitled to the Commission, the customer must, on the website through the Affiliate affiliate link, carry out a purchase within 60 days. 

7. Product List 

The sales price of the services and, therefore, the relevant commissions, are subject to possible variations, determined by LYS cosmetics, according to its own commercial policies. 


8. Payment Modalities

LYS Cosmetics makes the payment of the fees when requested by the affiliate, by bank transfer, when the minimum amount of €50.00 is reached. LYS Cosmetics undertakes to retain on behalf of the affiliate the commissions accrued until reaching the above-mentioned minimum balance payable. The amounts accumulated and not yet paid will not apply interest on arrears. 
In order to receive payment, the Affiliate agrees to issue invoice or equivalent document for the amount requested. In the event that the Affiliate is not the holder of VAT, it must be received with withholding tax. The payment will be made within 30 days from the submission of regular invoice or receipt of the Affiliate

9. Duration of the contract

This agreement runs from the date of registration of the Affiliate and is valid indefinitely. It is however understood that this agreement can be revoked at any time by one of the two parties by means of written communication, to be sent by e-mail. 


10. Limitation of Liability

LYS Cosmetics undertakes to maintain its active and fully functioning Internet site, except in cases of force majeure or interruptions due to maintenance operations. In any event, LYS Cosmetics shall not be held responsible for such interruptions and consequences arising therefrom. 
No compensation will be granted in case of malfunctions or loss of data. The service is offered without any guarantee. In No event shall LYS cosmetics be liable for any unlawful conduct of the affiliate. In addition, LYS cosmetics is in no way responsible for the content of the sites of its affiliates. 

 11. Protection of Privacy

The personal data requested from the affiliate for the execution of this contract are used by LYS cosmetics only for administrative purposes and to fulfil the legal obligations. All affiliated data are processed in compliance with the current privacy policy, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003. 

 12. Modifications and changes to the contract

LYS Cosmetics reserves the right to modify at any time the terms and Conditions governing this affiliate agreement, giving it timely notice to the affiliate by email. It shall be subject to the right of the affiliate to withdraw within 15 days by written notice, to be sent by fax or e-mail. In the event of non-communication by the affiliate, the changes made are intended to be accepted. 

 13. Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by Italian laws. For any dispute concerning its execution and/or interpretation, the competent court will be exclusively that of Florence (FI). The charges will be borne by the recurring affiliate to the Forum. 

 14. Conclusions

The Affiliate is required to comply with this agreement in all its parts. Any abuse will lead to the immediate interruption of the commercial Cooperation Agreement and shall be communicated to the competent authorities. The Affiliate declares as truthful and is responsible for all data entered in the registration form of the LYS Cosmetics affiliate program. With the registration procedure, the Affiliate expresses its consent to the processing of its personal data, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree No. 30 June 2003 No. 196 on privacy, and agree to the terms and conditions of accession to the LYS Cosmetics affiliate program contained herein. 

The Affiliate declares that it is of legal age and is fully aware of the responsibilities that the acceptance of a contract entails and the possible consequences in case of infringement. In addition, the Affiliate claims to consider truthful and accept any type of data processed by the LYS cosmetics affiliate software.

The Affiliate program was conceived as a form of gratitude towards our satisfied customers. We want with to express our gratitude in a concrete way, to those who use part of their time to spread our products, our brand and our philosophy. The Affiliate program is not a job and does not want to replace a job, delude anyone with miraculous gains or unattainable. We thank those who daily already speak well of our products, without being part of an affiliate program and we reward ourselves with our own preference. Those who decide to become part of our network and become our affiliates do this first to share our goals and the values that guide us, in our work as well as in our lives.