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Guide to Use | Semi-Permanent Glazes

How to apply the semi-permanent glazes LYS: Step BY Step

Our line of glazes is quick and easy to apply thanks to the soak off formula, one of the most innovative methods to have flawless nails. It's the right compromise for those who do not want to have a nail reconstruction. The LYS enamel is very soft so it simple to remove.

First of all, don't wet your nails at least 2 hours before the application. For a perfect result it is important to file the nail with a buffer or a file with a light grain and then remove the dust.

The nail passion is the base of our quest to satisfy your desires.
Follow these 4 steps to apply our semi-permanent glazes:

Step 1. PRIMER

Apply the LYS primer and let it dry for 2 minutes. This step is essential to de-hydrate your nails so the gel will adhere well to the surface.



Apply a thin layer of the LYS Base and cure for 60 seconds by inserting the hand inside Leddy; our LED lamp.




Apply a thin layer of the Color. Darker colors require a longer drying time. Choose our semi-permanent glazes colors 




Complete by applying a thin layer of the top coat. If you want an opaque effect use the LYS Top Coat matte. For an extra glossy and durable effect, apply the LYS Top Coat. If you prefer a shiny effect without degreasing the nail, apply the NOC Top Coat (No Cleansing). Cure (dry inside the lamp) the glaze for 60seconds and degrease the nail with the cleanser. Use the pads to remove the dispersion layer of the gel. 



How to remove the semi-permanent enamel LYS SOAK OFF

Is a very simple operation to remove the semi-permanent LYS glaze!

First you need to remove the external surface layer with a file. Then use the semi-permanent enamel remover.
Wait for a few minutes, then remove the gel with a cuticle stick. You will get a removal that will not damage your nails and it will leave a pleasant fragrance.

Mistakes to avoid 

1. Cuticles: it's important to don't touch the cuticles with any semi-permanent enamel, because they cause gel upheavals. If there are smudges, remove the product from the skin.

2. Wet your nails: at least 2 hours before and make sure to don't touch the water. Co not use creams and oils because these could compromise the final performance of the semi-permanent glazes.

3. Apply too much product: if you apply too much color on your nails, you will create bubbles and streaks. For a perfect result it is better to roll out a thin layer of the semi-permanent enamel and, if necessary, proceed with a second layer to get a more intense result.