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Our semi-permanent kit by LYS have been created for all those people who like to have perfect nails without spending a lot of money.

The Kit that we offer will satisfy your wishes. Thanks to their Soak-Off formula, our semi-permanent nail polish will be easy to use. 

If you are wondering how to remove them, you will only need to use our polish remover.

Let's Create with LYS Cosmetics.

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KIT | MATTE Preparators -43% Sold Out

KIT | MATTE Preparators

KIT MATTE PREPARATORSIn this semi-permanent kit you will find 3 essential preparators for super-Matt..

51.00€ 29.00€

KIT | Nude New -33%

KIT | Nude

SEMI PERMANENT NUDE KIT"Nude" is part of the semi-permanent kits by LYS created for your nails. ..

59.96€ 39.99€

KIT | Fluo New -33%

KIT | Fluo

SEMI PERMANENT FLUO KITThe semi-permanent Fluo glaze Kit is part of the semi-permanent by LYS ki..

59.96€ 39.99€

KIT | Base New -65%

KIT | Base

SEMI PERMANENT NAIL POLISH BASE KITThe Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Base Kit will become your ally for..

139.98€ 49.00€

KIT | Soft Red -45%

KIT | Soft Red

SEMI PERMANENT SOFT RED KITThe Semipermanent Soft Red Kit is perfect for those who love the shades o..

125.95€ 69.00€

KIT | Special Holiday -51%

KIT | Special Holiday

SEMI PERMANENT SPECIAL HOLIDAY KITThe Special Holiday Kit is affordable for everyone. The ..

153.18€ 75.00€

KIT | Supreme Semi permanent -63%

KIT | Supreme Semi permanent

SEMI PERMANENT SUPREME KIT For those who love colors, the Supreme semi permanent Kit ..

516.96€ 189.00€