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KIT | Polygel

KIT | Polygel


The Nail Reconstruction sector is renewed with one of the best performing products in the sector. The Polygel Kit presents all those products that will offer you thin but strong nails. Polygel LYS combine the characteristics of gels and acrylics, creating a solid nail structure.


- Polygel Clear 45g

- Liquid Polygel 60ml: it facilitates and improves the polygel

- Dual Form Tips

- Base

- Top Coat Noc

- Polygel Brush

It has never been so simple! Try it too and show off your salon nails.


  • Prepare and dull the nail with a nail file.
  • Proceed with a thin application of the Base nail polish and cure for 60 seconds in the lamp.
  • With the brush, take the correct quantity of product and place it on the nail form.
  • Apply the right pressure on the gel using the right brush.
  • Simplify the application of the gel by wetting the bristles with Polygel Liquid.
  • Once you reach the desired length and shape, cure in the lamp for 60 seconds.
  • (If you do not want to lengthen the nails, you can avoid the nail form step.)
  • File the nail surface to get the perfect shape.
  • Apply color / decoration.
  • Complete by applying a thin layer of the Top Coat.

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