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Influencer Program

What is an affiliate program?

Affiliates are Internet sites or blogs that send LYS traffic through tracked links, and every sale of products that is made through that link earns a commission to the affiliate. Links can be in the form of banners, text links on your blog or even links on Twitter.

Why sign up with LYS?

Today we are one of the biggest retailers of beauty products. We are the ultimate destination for make-up and other products. With over 14.000 products for face and body care, for bath and shower, make up, nails, accessories, natural products. We have an incredible range of beauty products, VIP discounts, exclusive offers to share with your followers. With high conversion rates and thanks to our wide selection from our catalogs, more customers you can send on ,more commissions you will earn. We can offer competitive commission fees and all products in stock, and you can secure exclusive partnerships with up to 10% commissions. We validate our commissions frequently, so we can pay our affiliates as soon as possible.

Do you want to start?

It's easier than drinking a glass of water
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Add tracked links to your site or social media channel and start earning your commissions!


-Choose offers and relevant content that you think may interest your audience whether they are games, movies, music, clothes or gifts. So people will be more enticed to click on your links!
-Make sure your links work properly. You will have a higher sales rate if your links lead to the relevant part of the LYS site. We give you the correct links to use. If you have any problems let us know!

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