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Cosmetics industry Operators

Are you looking for a dynamic, evolving craft that can be fun too? Become a LYS cosmetics reseller. Our semi-permanent nail kits glazes are the best quality that can be found on the web today, and your future customers will not be disappointed. We are also involved in wholesale for beauty centers, retailers and much more, do you to be part of this great family?

A unique craft

Becoming a LYS reseller is a unique opportunity even for a fledgling girl. You will come immediately in contact with an attendant, with whom you'll interface for the duration of your work with the company. Our expert will provide you, not only the technical details on LYS products, (such as the details of each semi-permanent enamel, and the functionality of the semi-permanent nail kits), but they also let you know how to direct you in the sale itself. 

Why Choose LYS?

LYS Cosmetics is a unique company, who coincides the experience of its employees with the professionalism that always tries to demonstrate in every step of the work. Our products havethe highest quality, and our appointees are ready to prove it at any time. Our Professional wholesale provides discounted professional kits, enamels, lamp and accessories to make your beauty center or your private work absolutely unique. Order now a mini test kit and you will be pleasantly satisfied.

Become part of LYS means to become part of a family, composed of people who, like you and with you, move towards a single objective, to provide the best products on the market in the field of semi-permanent kits, semi-permanent glazes and more.

Leader in the field

We are becoming leader in the semi-permanent glazes sector, a field that few years ago was almost left for the exclusive use of the beauty centres. Today, with the advancement of modern technologies and the professionalism of companies like LYS Cosmetics, these products become the prerogative of anyone who requests it. We are talking about a complete line of kits that will make your and customers nails unique, with a wide range of colors to choose from, and the safety of using absolutely professional materials and accessories.

LYS Cosmetics focuses on quality and transparency, with a constant interface, not only with our employees, but also with our dedicated service center. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to give you all the answers you need.

To order and immediately receive directly to your home a mini test kit at a discounted price, subscribe to our site and immediately request it, we are sure that you will be more than satisfied. 


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