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The semi-permanent nail polish ideas for her are no shortage from LYS. Are you looking for a gift and you don't know what to do? Don't get unprepared! 

Are you looking for the best and want to avoid nasty surprises? Go on the safe side with one of our semi-permanent kit.

Here you can find ideas that will help you to surprise and make every girl happy, whether she is a beginner or an expert.

Every girl loves nail polish, especially if it lasts long as that semi-permanent LYS. 

Choose from our colorful kit to give away and you will no longer need anything else because they are already included in everything. 

Do not waste time, take advantage of our unmissable promo!

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KIT | Start -64%

KIT | Start

SEMI PERMANENT NAIL POLISH BASE KITThe Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Base Kit will become your ally for..

139.98€ 49.90€

KIT | Polygel -50%

KIT | Polygel

KIT POLYGEL RECONSTRUCTION The people you care about deserve a good gift. There is nothing bett..

97.67€ 49.00€

KIT Base Nails

KIT BASE NAILS RECONSTRUCTION Our Base Gel kit is designed for those people who want to create ..


KIT | Trendy -7%

KIT | Trendy

SEMI PERMANENT TRENDY KITThe Trendy kit of semi-permanent nail polish is composed of the 5 Best Sell..

74.95€ 69.90€

KIT | Inclusive -47%

KIT | Inclusive

SEMI PERMANENT SUMMER KITAre you looking for the perfect gift? What do you think of the Summer Kit? ..

168.17€ 89.00€

KIT | All in One -63%

KIT | All in One

SEMI PERMANENT SUPREME KIT Do you want to surprise your girlfriend, friend or mom? Gi..

457.96€ 169.00€