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LEDDY | Led Lamp

LEDDY | LEDLEDDY by LYS is perfect for drying both your gel and semi-permanent glazes.The POWER LED ..


LYS | 10 Buffers

LYS | 10 Buffers10 Buffers to use during the nail preparation.  It has 4 sides w..


LYS | 10 Classic Files

LYS | 10 Classic FileTool for the nail preparation.Use the 180 side to remove the layer of grea..


LYS | Banana File 120/180

LYS | BANANA FILE 100/180Tool for the nail preparation.Use the 180 side to remove the layer of greas..


LYS | Classic File 120/180

LYS | CLASSIC FILE 120/180Tool for the nail preparation.Use the 180 side to remove the layer of..


LYS | Diamond File 120/180

LYS | DIAMOND FILE 120/180Tool for the nail preparation.Use the 180 side to remove the layer of grea..


LYS | Buffer

LYS | BUFFERBuffer to use during the nail preparation.  It has 4 sides with a grain of 120..


LYS | Buffer-File

LYS | BUFFER-FILE This tool is a buffer with the shape of a file. To use during the nail p..


LYS | Cuticle Sticks 10pc Sold Out

LYS | Cuticle Sticks 10pc

LYS | CUTICLE STICKS 10pcThe cuticle sticks LYS will help you during the preparation phase, so the n..


Semi permanent Remover Wraps 50pz

NAIL REMOVER WRAPS 50pcThe nail remover wraps are quick to use. They will save you time and will not..


LYS | Nail Brush Set -25%

LYS | Nail Brush Set

NAIL BRUSH SETThe keyword is Precision! LYS offers you the chance to try all our nail reconstruction..

53.40€ 39.90€

LYS | Nail Cleanser 570ml Sold Out

LYS | Nail Cleanser 570ml

LYS | NAIL CLEANSER 570ml This nail cleanser is essential for the removal of the gel dispersion..


LYS | Nail Cleanser 90ml

LYS | NAIL CLEANSER 90mlThis nail cleanser is essential for the removal of the gel dispersion&n..


LYS | Pads 250 pc

LYS | PADS 250 pc250-piece cellulose wipes for professional nail cleaning. Excellent for r..


LYS | Liquid Polygel

LIQUID POLYGEL 60 mlThe Liquid Polygel is a modelling solution specifically for Polygel use.How tu u..


LYS | Dual Form Tips 100 pc

DUAL FORM TIP | GEL NAILSThe Dual Form Tips are the right solution to get dreamy gel nails. Thanks t..


LYS | Polygel Brush

POLYGEL BRUSH | GEL NAILSThe professional Polygel brush has been designed to help you during the app..


Nail Forms 500 pcs

NAIL FORMS 500 PCSNail forms ideal for both gel and acrylic reconstruction. The application will be ..


LYS | Flat Square Brush

FLAT SQUARE NAIL BRUSHFlat square nail brush with synthetic bristles. Its bristles will allow you to..


LYS | Oval Brush

OVAL NAIL BRUSHOval Nail Brush with synthetic bristles. Great to be used with builder gel and colors..


LYS | Flat Rectangular Brush

FLAT RECTANGULAR NAIL BRUSHFlat rectangular nail brush with synthetic bristles. It is suitable for t..


LYS | Cat's Tongue Nail Brush

CAT'S TONGUE NAIL BRUSHCat's Tongue  Nail Brush with synthetic bristles. Excellent for applying..


LYS | Nail Art Brush 2

NAIL ART BRUSH 2Nail Art Brush 2 with a thin tip to create fine decorations. Unlike the 0.2 brush, i..


LYS | Nail Art Brush 0,2

NAIL ART BRUSH 0,2Do you want to create precise Nail Art? With our Nail Art Brush 0.2 everything wil..