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HARD GEL NAILS | PURPLISH 15mlThe Sandy Hard Gel is a professional high-density builder gel. Th..
19.90€ 9.99€
SOFT GEL NAILS | FARD 15mlFard Soft gel; is a professional builder gel with a nude co..
19.90€ 9.99€
LYS | Nail Brush Set -25%
NAIL BRUSH SETThe keyword is Precision! LYS offers you the chance to try all our nail reconstruction..
53.40€ 39.90€
LYS | SEMI PERMANENT NAIL POLISH DIAMOND SEA 10mlWe present you the semi-permanent DIAMOND SEA glaze..
LYS | YOUTH Sold Out
LYS | SEMI PERMANENT NAIL POLISH YOUTH 10mlChoose YOUTH. A fluorescent fuchsia, exaggerated in every..
KIT | Polygel -50%
KIT POLYGEL NAIL RECONSTRUCTION The Nail Reconstruction sector is renewed with one of the best ..
97.67€ 49.00€
KIT | Base -64%
SEMI PERMANENT NAIL POLISH BASE KITThe Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Base Kit will become your ally for..
139.98€ 49.90€
KIT | Base Gel -45%
KIT BASE GEL NAIL RECONSTRUCTION Our Base Gel kit is designed for those people who want to crea..
89.40€ 49.00€
KIT | Soft Red -51%
SEMI PERMANENT SOFT RED KITThe Semipermanent Soft Red Kit is perfect for those who love the shades o..
140.00€ 68.00€
KIT | All in One -63%
SEMI PERMANENT ALL IN ONE KIT For those who love colors, the All In One semi permanen..
457.96€ 169.00€